Small is the New Big!
The sleekly designed outdoor unit – the smallest in Daikin 420 series – is perfect for tiny window platform. The 3/4 HP model is most apt for a 70-ft room, as it strikes a balance between effective cooling and energy-saving, knocking 30%^ off your electricity bill! 
Daikin Installation Kits are on sale!
A Daikin Installation Kit has all the installation essentials you need: 4-Core Cable (2.5mm²), Insulation Drain Pipe (ID: 16mm), PVC Air Conditioner Tape (Width: 50mm), ¼”& ⅜” Insulated Copper Tubes with Flare Nuts.
Daikin Industries, Ltd. launched a press release
“Inactivate effect of Streamer technology against Coronavirus”